Ai Kyandi FAQ

What is Ai Kyandi?

Ai Kyandi is my database of lyrics from all the groups under Johnny’s Entertainment. As it grows, I expect for it to become an extremely comprehensive database where everyone looking for JE lyrics can find anything they need.

What about translations?

In addition to the original kanji and romaji lyrics, I intend to add the respective translations whenever it is possible. I do not know enough japanese yet to translate them myself, but if I can find the translations anywhere, I’ll make sure to share them with everyone here.

Can I post the translations somewhere else?

As long as you give full credit to the translator, including a link back to the translator’s website, there’s no problem. The point of translating songs is that people who do not understand the original language can still enjoy the whole meaning of the songs. But translating does take a lot of time and effort, so giving full credit to the translator ALWAYS is a MUST.

So… What does Ai Kyandi mean?

It’s a little pun from “eye candy”… Since the focus of this blog will be JE, which is full of eye candy, I figured it’d be a nice name. In japanese, Ai means “love”, and Kyandi is the way they pronounce “candy”, so… considering I love both the JE boys and candy, I guess it all fits wonderfully well together. XD


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